We offer a varied range of services to best meet your requirements of high-quality training data for machine learning algorithms

Semantic Segmentation

Pixel level labeling of images for extremely detailed annotation

Use Cases:
Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Agri-tech

Bounding Boxes

Draw rectangles around objects in an image and label them to a class.

Uses cases:
Autonomous Vehicles, E-commerce, Retail Intelligence


Build 3D models based on 2D images and videos from unannotated 2D objects.

Use Cases:
Autonomous Vehicles


Annotate objects with irregular shapes with meaningfully greater accuracy.

Use Cases:
Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Drones

Facial Recognition

Plotting series of points to detect variation in shapes and count minute objects.

Uses cases:
Facial recognition

Line Annotation

Draw pathway to train vehicles perception models for lane detection

Use Cases:
Autonomous Vehicles

Video Annotation

Detect and trace objects frame by frame in a series of images.

Use Cases:
Robotics, Drones

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Identify objects in a 3D point cloud and draws bounding cuboids around the specified objects.

Use Cases:
Autonomous Vehicles

Optical Character Recognition

Detect handwritten text in an image and convert it into machine readable text.

Use Cases:
Health-tech, E-commerce, Retail Intelligence

Chatbot Training

train using domain specific conversation data built for multiple uses

Virtual Assistant Training

develop programs capable of delivering on several smart-interfaces.

Sentiment Analysis Training

identify keywords to track brand sentiment with our extensive training data.

Data Sourcing

Build data from the ground up moulded to your needs.

Data Preprocessing

Data cleaning, reduction, transformation - we can churn through large amounts of data so that your models get the fuel to work in the real world.

Data Enriching

Augment your data with relevant additions from multiple sources.

Data Structuring

Better organised data means better performing algorithms.

Product Data & Competition Analysis

Research market factors and identify voids for the most efficient product placement.

Content moderation

- Moderate text, images, and videos to evaluate permissible and inappropriate material

E-commerce Categorization

Categorize products for better search

E-commerce Recommendations

Optimise product recommendations for up-sell and cross-sell

Fake Merchandise Identification

Moderate products for fake merchandise and IP violations

Image tagging

Attach textual meta-information to images

Search Relevance

Optimise search results to display products in the right order to drive conversions

User Content Support

Tags and sentiment to user content for better insights and support .

Audio/Video Transcription

Covert audio/video files into professional transcription. Use Cases: Conference Calls, Investor Meetings, and Presentations

Use Cases:
conference calls, investor meetings, and presentations

Image/Document Transcription

Convert text from images and docs to machine readable text for improved results.

Uses cases:
Bills and invoices, Financial statements Menus and fliers, Prescriptions and records